Kanye West’s Bank Accounts Gets Closed Says Candace Owens


Candace Owens has given an update in Kanye’s silence about his current financial struggle with JPMorgan Chase Bank as they want to end their relationship.

Kanye has been quite busy with his recent antics surrounding his fashion line and social media. West through his youtube channel addressed his dealings with The Gap and Adidas for allegedly stealing his designs. Ye didn’t stop there with airing out grievances as he spoke on his ex-wife and former in-laws and the bomb dropped when Paris Fashion Week occurred.

“White Lives Matter” slogan on his t-shirt line caused an uproar and he went on Fox news to speak on his reasoning behind his latest campaign. West then imploded on social media when he made mention of the Jewish structure financially worldwide. This has caused Hollywood and big businesses to rethink their business relationship with the rap mogul.

The on again off again friendship between Candace Owens and Kanye West is back on recently. The support for Kanye is in high gear and on the evening (October 12), she provided an update on her billionaire friend.

“Earlier today I learned that @kanyewest was officially kicked out of JP Morgan Chase bank,” she tweeted, along with paperwork. “I was told there was no official reason given, but they sent this letter as well to confirm that he has until late November to find another place for the Yeezy empire to bank.”

Owens added that she blacked out names in the document shared. “As I gather my thoughts about this, I want to say that I do not care what you think about Ye West— but I very much care what you think about this.”

“We have reached extremely frightening times in this country,” Who are what has landed us into these times is an ongoing discussion which I would like to open up. Tonight I am focusing on my BLM documentary premiere.”

She concluded, “We will revisit this crucial topic tomorrow.”

Owens and West’s supporters have been taking to platforms to express their ire at the bank’s alleged decision. Expect this to be a hot topic in the days to come.