Kanye West’s Reaction To Kim Kardashian “Single Status”

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Kim Kardashian has officially won in her divorce battle against Kanye West, officially being declared legally single as their marriage has come to an end. On Wednesday (March 2), a judge sided with the reality star and granted her request to divorce from West. As a result, she will also be changing her name back to Kim Kardashian, removing “West” as her surname.

As the world discusses Kim and Kanye’s split, Ye’s team has sent out a clarification on several “mistruths” that are circulating following the court decision. The additional information was provided “on behalf of Kanye West.”


Clearing up misinformation, the message reads, “Kanye’s paperwork has always indicated that his problems with the divorce were only procedural. Moreover, he was always in support of the divorce only if Kim satisfied the procedural requirements to protect rights under the CA law – the same rights afforded to any litigant going through a divorce. Today it was determined and addressed in court that Kim initially did not have the proper paperwork to get the bifurcation of the marital status.”


It was also mentioned that Ye is presently devoting all of his attention to their children, remaining a consistent father figure in the lives of North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

This decision comes over one year following initial reports that the couple had filed for divorce. It also arrives at a time when both parties are all over the headlines. Ye has been attracting worldwide attention because of his current relationship with Chaney Jones, a model that fans think looks exactly like Kim, as well as his new album, Donda 2. Kim continues to spend time with her boyfriend Pete Davidson, but the two have not publicly spoken about marriage yet.