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Kanye West’s Twitter account suspended for ‘incitement to violence’


Kanye West has been suspended from Twitter after a post on his account appeared to show a swastika inside a Star of David only hours after he made anti-Semitic remarks and praised Hitler in an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

The tweet was deleted shortly before Mr. West’s account became no longer accessible. His page was soon replaced with a label: “Account suspended.”

So continued the controversy stirred by Mr. West — who goes by Ye — and his string of antisemitic remarks on social media. Instagram blocked him from posting after he suggested on the platform that Sean Combs, the rapper known as Diddy, was being controlled by Jewish people. Ye has also lashed out against Jewish people via Twitter.

The indefinite Twitter suspension happened on the same day that Ye had appeared on a podcast hosted by the Infowars conspiracy broadcaster Alex Jones, during which he told Mr. Jones, “I like Hitler.”

Before his suspension, Ye had also tweeted an unflattering photograph of Mr. Musk being hosed down on a yacht.

“This is fine,” Mr. Musk tweeted in response to the image. “This is not,” he wrote in regard to the swastika post, confirming Ye’s suspension.

“He again violated our rule against incitement to violence,” Mr. Musk added. “Account will be suspended.”


Despite the partially cryptic nature of the tweet, the implication was clear: according to West, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and Chris Paul have a history. Whether it is recent or was an infidelity that occurred during their marriage is unclear.

If West’s claims are true, they would be problematic for NBA All-Star guard Chris Paul, who is married to Jada Crawley since 2011. The couple also have two children: Christopher Emmanuel Paul II, and Camryn Alexis Paul.