Kanye’s “College Drop Out” Album Turns 17 Years Old

Theo Wargo, Getty Images

LEGENDS & ICONS - Article By Kevin Douglas

The year was 2004 in the world of hip hop and Kanye West burst onto the scene with “College Dropout” which changed the tide of the industry.

The song “Drop It Like It’s Hot” by Snoop saw the revival of one of hip hop’s true legends, but a new generation of a future legend came on the radio and tv screens in Kanye West.

The tide was slowly changing with “gangsta rap” leading the charge of hip hop to a more soul driven sound that catered to teenagers and college kids with songs like “Slow Jamz” and “You Don’t Know My Name”.

However, the rap world took notice truly of the awe inspiring single that was sampled from the iconic Chaka Khan’s “Through The Fire”. His “Through the Wire” single told the story of Kanye West surviving a car accident and a serious injury. On top of that, he recorded the song with his face wired soon after the accident. The rest as they say is history.

Check out the social media celebrating this classic hip hop album below.