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Karen Civil In Beef With Joyner Lucas & Accused Of Theft



Karen Civil, Jason Lee, and Joyner Lucas had a encounter on Clubhouse group together last night and sparks flew.

It was on Twitter where Joyner Lucas went on about his negative business dealings with Karen Civil. Lucas claims he paid Civil $60,000 back in 2015 and that in the end, she never did the work he paid her for. Lucas was new in the music business at the time and he felt as though Civil was taking advantage of his situation. Civil clapped back claiming to have done the work for Joyner, as she noted that numerous people were contracted to do specific tasks.

Last night, Civil tried to clear the air as she went on Clubhouse and hosted a session in which she was confronted by Joyner who went off on the marketing strategist. Civil told Joyner that the process for public relations is a long and arduous one, and that is why Lucas didn’t see results come back right away. In the end, Joyner rejected this notion and claimed that he was scammed.

The Clubhouse segment didn’t stop there with the drama between the rapper and media personality. Civil admitted to hiring a hacker to take down Jason Lee’s Instagram page. Lee says the page was hacked due to stories that Civil wanted to have taken down. Civil says she did, indeed, pay the hacker although she is very sorry for having done so.

Cam’ron also chimed in on the situation with Karen Civil. Cam’ron explained that the accusations that she had robbed his friend of money were dismissed. “Now she just lost a court case to another female, now they say Karin is foul. When I said it…I was hating,” he continued, adding that Joyner Lucas was allegedly robbed of the same amount as Duke Da God.

During his tirade on Twitter, Joyner Lucas claimed that he had feared being blackballed if he had initially spoke out against Civil. However, it wasn’t until Cam’ron called her out that he also felt comfortable enough to go public with his claims.

“At this time I was afraid to speak up for myself becuz I didn’t want to get blackballed,” he wrote. “I had no idea how this industry Shìt works and I ain’t want you to drag my name thru the mud so out of fear i stayed [quiet]. Until @Mr_Camron spoke up a few years ago on Twitter and then I did.”

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