Karen Civil has been trending all week as people are trying to tear down the media maven, including Joyner Lucas, Jason Lee, Jessie Woo, and others. Accusations about stolen money and broken promises were spewed during a heated Clubhouse argument over the weekend, and the discussion carried over to social media and other forums during the week. Jason Lee, the founder of Hollywood Unlocked, made some of the craziest claims against Karen, which she actually admitted to, stating that she hired a teen hacker to take down his page on Instagram.

On Thursday, Jason Lee was a guest on The Breakfast Club, where he continued his allegations against Karen Civil and explained that he’s considering pressing charges against her after she admitted to paying a hacker $20,000 to take down his page. Civil called into The Breakfast Club shortly thereafter to respond to his appearance.

“It was my understanding that Jason and I resolved our issues a few years ago. We spoke about it, I thought we moved past it, we saw each other at an event, we spoke a little more there, remained cordial, we texted each other afterward, […] so all of this being rehashed in the public forum, when to me we had private resolutions that existed for quite some time, now it’s to a point where it’s just a little strange to me,” she said over the phone.

Civil went on to say she’s unsure of why Jason Lee is doing this and what sort of result he’s hoping for after airing out their drama, and she also said that she’s not worried at all about his lawsuit threats. However, she does regret jumping into that Clubhouse room over the weekend, telling Charlamagne that she wouldn’t have joined if she knew how messy things would get.

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