Kash Doll – #FemaleFriday Diva Vixen Of The Day

“Knuck if you buck” says Detroit rapper Kash Doll on #FemaleFriday as she released a new music video early Friday.

“Mobb’n.” is a Nimi Hendrix-directed music video where Kash Doll goes wild out in showing she is about that life with a girl crew. Lyrically, Kash spits verses about being a tough woman who will isn’t afraid to throw fisticuffs if needed. “Mobb’n” will be featured on Kash Doll’s forthcoming project Stacked that’s slated for release on October 18. She is WWETV Vixen and Diva Of The Day!

Quotable Lyrics:
These b*tches talkin’ on the ‘Gram though
Really be some fans though
Got ’em big mad ’cause I’m the head bitch in commando
I’m the puppetmaster pullin’ strings just like a banjo

Kash Doll recently performed in Canada and graced the stage alongside Canadian artist Tory Lanez and met his sister DSTNY.