Kawhi Leonard Already Receiving Hate In LA

clippers los angeles

The rivalry between the Clippers and Lakers in Los Angeles has been taken to new heights ever since Kawhi Leonard and Paul George shocked everyone with their power move during the NBA free agency season.

Leonard signed with the team as a free agent while George requested a trade out of Oklahoma City. The NBA championship is now heavily favored to move from Toronto to Los Angeles. However, not everyone in the sunshine state are happy about The Claw and George making the city their home. They tandem have been banned from the coffee chain Alfred Coffee in California.

The chain has nine locations in the state, a few of which are in Los Angeles. Alfred Coffee is a huge supporter of the Los Angeles Lakers and according to Eater Los Angeles, the chain is taking exception to Leonard and George’s decision. In an Instagram story, Alfred Coffee proclaims “We reserve the right to refuse service to Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and anyone else affiliated with the Clippers organization.”

It will be an interesting season for the NBA as all teams will be gunning to take out the Los Angeles teams. It is also great entertainment for NBA fans to see Los Angeles split in their allegiance of choosing either the Lakers of Clippers.

It is a far cry from the treatment Kawhi Leonard received in Toronto. He was given passes to eat for free in restaurants for life if he had resigned with reigning NBA Champions.