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Keep The Legacy Alive – Former 2pac Center For The Arts


Worldwide Entertainment TV is the official media sponsor for Legacy Garden. We are announcing the fight to keep Tupac Shakur and his mother Afeni Shakur’s dream alive. The battle to restore Legacy Garden back to its once great spirit is not easy, but there are true fans of Tupac Shakur trying to fight the good fight just as hard as the man himself did while he was alive. 

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Keep The Legacy Alive Updates from @legacygardenpark_ via @nawfside_onc Slide Right for footage at #TupacMemorial Formerly #TupacCenterForTheArts – – I don’t care who’s the reason for the #TupacAmaruShakur Foundation to be closed, let’s just get it back open for the #Youth. Who wanna seriously Help???? #Tupac #Pacaveli #tupacquotes #tupacshakur #tupacamarushakur #tupac #tasf #LegacyGarden – – REPOST @kristenparcus – Thank you very much @nawfside_onc this made my heart smile!!! Repost from @nawfside_onc For those of you who thought @kristenparcus was just some typical #WhiteChick that like being around Black People, you might want to know her story before you speak on her. If you knew her story and how #Tupac saved her life and her children’s preservation, just through his words, you would think differently. Unlike some of you who profess to love #Tupac, she is one who actually loves and loved what he stood for. She’s not some groupie White Chick, that just likes hanging out. She’s a very close friend of the PAC’s Family and also works tirelessly to restore the Pac movement, while trying to raise a family by herself and teach school. So please be clear going forward. The owner had a few words to say about her. #Pacaveli #Makaveli #tupacquotes #tupacshakur #riptupac #makavelimotivation #BeAboutIt #onc Go follow @kristenparcus @therealmakavelillc @wlesane and @kendricklesane – – #ShareTheMessage If you’re really serious about helping to rebuild the work of #Tupac and restore the integrity of his movement, Let’s Work! Whatever donation you make, will go toward rebuilding and restoring the integrity of this mission. Every donation and how it was spent will be accessible to the people to see that every dollar spent will be spent wisely and not to align someone’s personal pocket book. Either you want to help or you don’t. STAY CLOSE to these following pages for updates concerning this initiative. Thank you all in advance for efforts in this cause. – – #WorldWideEntertainmentTV #WWETV #Atlanta – – #hiphopradio #midweekmixup #hiphopworld #hiphopstyle #hiphoplives #hiphopnews #hiphoplife #hiphopculture #hiphopaddict #hiphopweekly

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The plan is to restore The Garden where Tupac Shakur was laid to rest by his mother Afeni Shakur. Also the plan is to bring about a new statue that represents Tupac and also pay tribute to other legends eventually such as Biggie Smalls and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of TLC.  This was officially announced orginally by WorldWide Entertainment TV.

The new owner Mr. Burnett wants to make the new place a memorial for all the top artistic personalities that are now gone which in turn would inspire the children who attend the Center to become legendary as these icons. It was the vision set forth by Afeni Shakur. To find out more how you can help click here.


We ask the fans of Tupac Shakur do you have “Unconditional Love” for one of the greatest rappers in history? Keep his legacy alive in Atlanta and worldwide!!!

It should be noted that during his lifetime Tupac Shakur was about the advancement and achievement of the disenfranchised youth of America as illustrated by the music video “Brenda’s Got A Baby” which stemmed from a real story he read in the newspapers. 

In the song Papa’z Song also illustrates how dear he kept to his heart the children struggle in the inner city environments of America which is also seen worldwide. 

Tupac’s impact and message for the youth is still resoundingly heard today by a new generation. It just goes to show Tupac is timeless and is still an inspiration for people around the world. Help keep the vision alive with Legacy Garden.