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Kelly Rowland & Donna Summer Pic Makes Fans Want A Biopic

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Kelly Rowland gets compared to a young Glady Knight, but an old magazine picture of Donna Summer gave fans Destiny’s Child vibes.

The discussion began after music critic Craig Seymour, posted a picture from a 1979 issue of Rona Barrett’s Hollywood, which also features Rod Stewart, Cher, and The Village People on the cover. The headline screams, “Disco Fever: It Just Won’t Go Away!” as fans could not stop scrolling the thread by Seymour to comment on the similarities of the two singers.

Donna Summer, hit it big in the 1970’s when she released singles such as “Love To Love You Baby” and “Last Dance.” Despite the disco frenzy coming to a crashing halt in the 1980’s, she also saw success in that decade with “She Works Hard For The Money.” In 2012, the singer passed away at the age of 63 after a battle with lung cancer. People have wondered when a biopic of the star would be created and now the talk has resurfaced after this post on twitter.

Kelly Rowland is no stranger to the world of acting as she has played several characters including legends from the time period of Donna Summers prime. Rowland also ventured into acting with starring roles in the successful films Freddy vs. Jason (2003) and The Seat Filler (2005). In the BET series, American Soul, about the iconic black television show, Soul Train, Rowland portrayed Gladys Knight. Fans loved her performance of the legendary figure in soul music.

Currently Broadway is running a musical entitled Summer: The Donna Summer Musical and it would be something that could be transitioned into the small screen or even theaters if the correct writers and actors were hired to tell her story.