Kelsey Harris ID’d Tory Lanez As Shooter On 80 Minute Interview


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Jurors heard an 80-minute long interview Friday between former friend of Megan Thee Stallion, Kelsey Harris, and prosecutors, where she identified Tory Lanez as the shooter, despite testifying otherwise during trial this week. Judge Herriford had just ruled in favor of allowing prosecutors to play the tape.

The tape contains Harris’s September interview with prosecutors, according to Law & Crime, where she not only ID’d Lanez as the gunman responsible for shooting Meg in the foot back in July 2020, but also contradicted much of what she has said during her testimony this week.

During day four of the Tory Lanez trial, Harris had disavowed her claim on the witness stand, in a startling back-flip that prosecutors appeared to attribute to pressure from the defendant.