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Kelsey Harris Pleads The 5th At Tory Lanez & Megan Thee Stallion Case


Report from James Queally On Kelsey Harris testimony that has made a major turn of events for the court case involving Tory Lanez allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion!
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Kelsey Harris testimony at Tory Lanez trial began with her showing up with an attorney and asking for immunity. It was granted even after the DA swore they had no intent to prosecute her.

No explanation as to what the immunity is for. No comment from Lanez’s defense attorney and Harris and her attorney fled the hallway before they could be approached by reporters.

Kelsey spent a little less than 40 minutes on the stand, saying a lot of her memory of the party was “blurry” because of alcohol consumption. She accused Megan of lying about her and called accusations she shot Megan “ridiculous.”

She generally painted Megan Thee Stallion as drunk and acting out at the party before the fight in the SUV that predated the shooting. Key moment came when DDA Kathy Ta asked if Lanez had threatened to shoot Kelsey an Kelsey took the 5th.

Court broke not long after this. On two key points (whether Lanez threatened her, whether Lanez called her and Megan “bitches and hos”), Kelsey was non responsive until DDA reminded her she confirmed both those things in a September 2022 interview with the prosecution.

One more thing. Kelsey was granted “use immunity,” meaning the DA’s office can’t use her testimony in this case to prosecute her for a crime. It does not mean they are declining to prosecute her for any criminal conduct they become aware of.

Many people have jumped on social media to give their take on why Kelsey Harris decided to have immunity during this case. Another in person report from a reporter by the name of Meghan Cuniff gives her blow by blow analysis of the situation. She reiterates how Kelsey Harris really did not want to answer the question if Tory Lanez had threatened to shoot her in the Escalade before Megan Thee Stallion exited the vehicle.