Kenneth Petty Loses Sanction Via Nicki Minaj Against Accuser


Nicki Minaj recently failed to sanction her husband Kenneth Petty’s assault accuser and her legal team, according to court documents obtained by AllHipHop. Moreover, her issue stems from allegedly “wild” statements that Jennifer Hough’s lawyer made to the judge in this case. Although authorities dropped Minaj from the case due to a lack of court jurisdiction, she still wants retribution for the time and money she wasted in defending herself. Furthermore, Hough sued the rap star and Petty for harassment, claiming that they pressured her retracting her assault allegations against Nicki’s husband, which she made in 1994.

However, the court denied the “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” MC’s motion to sanction Hough and her attorney Tyrone Blackburn for defamatory statements and false accusations. “The court does not find [Hough’s] decision to pursue a motion for default judgment against [Nicki] sanctionable, notwithstanding [Nicki’s] claim that the motion lacked merit,” ruled Judge James R. Cho. “Here, [Hough] did not have an obligation to withdraw her motion for default judgment against Nicki simply because counsel for [Nicki] considered the motion ‘frivolous.’”


Still, these accusations and claims of falsely damaging actions and statements seem to go both ways. For example, Hough alleged that Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty offered her $500,000 to drop the case, and sent private detectives to stalk her and her daughter, in addition to provoking her to move between states. After Hough and her team dropped Minaj from the case after pursuing default judgement, she tried to seek accountability for their allegedly unfair and unfounded actions. These mostly relate to defamatory statements made by Hough’s attorney Blackburn regarding her involvement in a New York gang, her legal team cyberstalking the accuser’s former lawyers, and offensive comments.

Despite the judge siding with Blackburn, he made it clear that the lack of ability to sanction does not mean his inflammatory actions are endorsed by the court. “Blackburn should not take the denial of the motion for sanctions as in any way endorsing his behavior,” the judge stated. As this is a highly complicated, long-running, and multi-faceted case, only time will tell how this affects Nicki’s career and peace of mind.