Keri Hilson Speaks On Beyonce & Beef

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Keri Hilson sat down to speak on Middays With Persia for Baltimore’s 92 Q and the topic of Beyonce was brought up.

The discussion veered into the tensions that brewed between Keri Hilson and Beyonce. The singer told the platform that she shared a healing moment with Queen Bey and even that the two could do a collaboration.

The heat between the two artists originated in 2009 with the single “Turnin Me On” leaked. In the record, Hilson was accused of throwing shade at Beyonce, which she recently confirmed on Out Loud with Claudia Jordan. She also revealed that she didn’t write the lyrics and was pressured into starting the beef.

She told the audience “sure. Absolutely.” about having an open mind of working with Beyonce. She continued to explain their meeting stating, “She actually has introduced herself. It was a gracious moment. I appreciated it,” Hilson said. “I feel like she understood what happened, what had transpired, and there was a bit of healing in that moment when we met.”

The singer also said despite what the online gossip was concerning the two, that she always thought Beyonce was amazing. Check out the interview below.