Kevin Hart To Drop New Netflix Stand-Up Show As Allegations Of Lying Mount

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Kevin Hart was recently spotted filming his new movie entitled, “The Man From Toronto”. It will also star Woody Harrelson and is scheduled for a release in 2021. The actor & comedian also is planning to drop a new stand up show where he plans to tell it all without any rules.

Hart is currently in drama concerning gossip around his alleged extortion attempt. Last year, Jackson was facing upwards of four years in prison after Hart accused him of extortion. According to reports, Jackson allegedly sent Hart a text that stated if he didn’t receive millions from the comedian, he would release his sex tape. Jackson has surfaced with his lawyer who told Comedy Hype that the accusations made against his client are fabricated.

This started out as a man who cheated on his pregnant wife on her birthday weekend in Vegas,” said attorney Jacob Glucksman. “That’s how this story was run for a long time and Kevin’s team was successful in shifting that narrative to Kevin being the victim of something that happened in Las Vegas.” He later added, “What Kevin Hart did in Las Vegas, that was a bad move on his part. That was a mistake on his part. But, what happened was, was that Kevin got together a team of very powerful and well-known attorneys, together with his agents, managers, what have you, and they basically concocted a story to make Kevin look like the victim in the case.”

At any rate, it will be interesting to see what exactly Kevin Hart will address in his new show on Netflix.