Kevin McCall Gets 3 Charges After Courthouse Assault

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Kevin McCall  has been  in a court battle  to gain custody of his child with ex Eva Marcille.  During the court proceedings, he got into a physical altercation with a security guard after he was filming in court. “Imma get mines. They gon’ have to give her to me. Marley, your daddy finna get you baby, love you,” Kevin said in the clip before he and the officer got into it.

Kevin announced that he was going to sue the courthouse claiming that he was a victim. “I feel I was targeted ’cause he couldn’t even tell what I was doin’. He told me no FaceTiming. Now, that’s a specific command, no FaceTiming. You could be FaceTiming somebody to have them come there and meet me,” Kevin said.  In a TMZ report  Kevin is charged with “obstruction of a law enforcement officer by use of threats or violence, terroristic threats and criminal damage to property in the second degree.”

Kevin is accused of intentionally damaging the officer’s glasses, striking him and making threats of aggravated assault.