Keyshia Cole Promises One More Album Before Retirement

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Ashanti and Keyshia Cole entertained fans with Verzuz, but now Cole is announcing she is retiring from the music business.

Keyshia Cole celebrated her catalog with Ashanti which reminded fans of her many hit songs. Fans got a taste of new music from the two songstresses as Ashanti dropped “2:35 (I Want You)” and Keyshia returned with a new banger, “I Don’t Want to Be in Love.”

Fans have also been anticipating Cole’s upcoming new album, but shocking news was announced on Wednesday (March 17), as Keyshia stated that she will be retiring.

A fan on social media got shocked after she announced, “I’m retiring”, but someone someone questioned if she was being serious, the singer returned to add, “I’m not lying.” Fans swooped in to say that she must have been hacked, but Keyshia stood on her words. However, she did promise that a new album was on the way.

“I’m already contracted to do so, I wouldn’t do that to @BMG ,myself, or my fans,” she said of not releasing a record. “But I’m gonna have to move at my pace with this one. #Album8.” She said that her children are the reason she wants to take a step back and joked about leaving the music world behind.

“#StimnyHitsAccount RETIREMENT SOUNDS GOOD [crying laughing emoji] this is funny! Hella! Just thought I’d join in on the fun. I’m serious about retirement… [crossed fingers emoji] but this is funny [crying laughing emoji].” Check out her tweets below and let us know if you think Keyshia Cole should retire.