Keyshia Cole’s Mother Frankie Passed Away Before 61st Birthday

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celebritiesKeyshia Cole and her family were set to celebrate the birthday of their mother, but got heartbreaking news of her passing away.

As reported on Essence, the singer’s mother, Frankie, reportedly passed away this morning (July 19), on her birthday. The site reports the family was notified of Frankie’s passing today. 

It’s not clear what the cause of death is. However, someone from the family said it was due to a drug overdose/relapse. Reportedly she was celebrating her sixty-first birthday this weekend when she relapsed, suffering a fatal drug overdose according to Keyshia’s brother Sam.

Keyshia Cole’s niece Zayya Henderson shared the sad news on her social media page. She writes:

“D*** grandma Frankie the call I just got on your birthday. I was just Finna come see you this week I just talked to you happy birthday beautiful and rest in heaven”

Elite Noel also shared a few words.

“Worse pain ever …. To see my mama in a body bag on her birthday! My heart so f&^kin BROKE.

Today would have been her 61st birthday. Rest in Heaven, Frankie.

Frankie and Keyshia’s biological father Virgil Hunter gave up the R&B singer for adoption at a young age. She was raised by family friends and reunited with her parents when she became an adult.