Kim Kardashian Calls Out Ray J Over Lies

Kim Kardashian exploded when she had a sex tape released with r & b singer Ray J a few years ago. Since that time she has created an empire and married hip hop icon Kanye West. Ray J recently did an interview revealing secrets from their relationship.

Kim and I had fun times, marathon sessions,” Ray J said. “But she didn’t like getting sweaty and would stop to do her makeup if she did. She liked to look dope during sex, the right lighting, setting the mood.

Ray J went on to say that she keeps a “red Louis Vuitton trunk of sex toys” and spent roughly $100,000 on thongs. Kim Kardashian went online to dispute these statement and calls him a pathological liar.

It all started when a Twitter user analyzed Ray J for the interview with The Sun as having “low self-esteem”, Kim Kardashian fired back with, “Or shows he’s a pathological liar. you actually believe this story? It’s too funny to me!”