Kim Kardashian Receives Cease & Desist Over SKKN Brand

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Kim Kardashian is facing legal issues by Beauty Concepts LLC who claim they’ve had their brand “SKKN+” since 2017. Kardashian’s lawyer issued a response.

Trying to further her already impressive empire with “SKKN+”, the estranged wife of Kanye West is encountering problems after plans of rebranding her product line as SKKN. Those plans have hit a brick wall at the moment as reportedly the reality star has been given a cease and desist letter from Beauty Concepts LLC who claim they’ve been using the name since 2017.

According to TMZ, the company reportedly has provided “salon and skincare services” under the name SKKN+, as well as having a website and social media with the name.

They also accuse Kardashian of using the “same block letter” as their logo for her new brand, and back in March, they filed an application “with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office back in March to register the SKKN+ logo.” While it all seems rather cut and dry, Kardashian’s attorney Michael G. Rhodes says otherwise.

“We certainly appreciate and support small businesses, and our hat is off to Ms. Lunsford. But the question at hand is one of trademark law and we’ve not done anything deserving of legal action by her,” he said. “We are disappointed that she has chosen to run to the media knowing that we were scheduling a call for tomorrow, requested by her attorney. So while disagreeing with the letter, we’re hopeful that we can smooth things over once both sides speak.”

Kardashian has already acquired the “SKKN.com” website as well as her own social media handles, and Beauty Concepts claims that her including “By Kim” doesn’t differentiate the brands enough. If things aren’t settled, Beauty Concepts has threatened to take Kardashian to court.