Kim Kardashian Reportedly Could Keep Kanye-Designed LA Mansion In Divorce

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly set to keep the Los Angeles mansion that Kanye designed in their divorce.

Kanye West developed this home for years for the marriage, but it might be allocated to Kim in their ongoing divorce, as reported by TMZ.

The Hidden Hills mansion is a fantastic home that is fit for the luxurious lifestyle of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. It is currently the home of where Kim and their four children permanently live. According to new reports, Kim and the kids have been staying at the mansion and they may be there for the long-term because Kim is reportedly set to keep the home in the couple’s ongoing divorce discussions.

TMZ’s sources claim that Kanye doesn’t have a real connection to the area, meanwhile, Kim’s entire family lives very nearby. Kim is also reportedly a big fan of the house and doesn’t want to move, especially since her kids grew up there.

As for Kanye, it’s unclear where he plans to permanently reside. He has been spending a lot of time at his Wyoming ranch in the last few years, so that’s a possibility. He also set up Yeezy offices in Atlanta, and Los Angeles, of course, remains an option.

Kim Kardashian shocked her followers today by showing support for the Yeezy shoe brand. It has been said the two still have love for each other despite Kim K filing for divorce recently.

Stay Tuned for any developments with the two pop culture icons.