King Von’s Baby Mama Calls Out His Half-Sister Kayla B

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King Von was loved as a hip hop star on the rise, but there seems to be love lost between some of his kin and his ex girlfriend.

Rumors got a bit extreme when his half-sister Kayla was accused of being in an incestuous relationship with Von. She is now being called out for being a thieving sister.

Kema, who is the baby mother, of King Von is accusing Kayla of stealing.

It all started when Kema cropped Kayla’s kid out of a photo featuring the kid Kema had with Von. You can check out the whole exchange here.

“Now I’m Done. Cause I know my babydaddy ain’t stand for non of this fu a** s***,” Kema wrote. “Like I always say Business gone get handled & stood on for him… && His babies gone be straight. On God if Kayla wanna go there we can. Ain’t nobody jealous of no kid Bro. I cropped him out cause I was speaking on Von KIDS. That’s not his son (even tho you made it seem like it is) so I took him out what I posted ain’t nun more to that s***.”

“I think it’s sick as hell that Lil Toni have a whole DAD that help take care of him & you use to Lie to Von as if he didn’t use to be helping you,” Kema alleged. “Von felt sorry for you bro, on my momma von called me & told me that. He thought you ain’t have no help but you was Lying!… She stole his hard drives with his other music [you’re] trying to destroy his legacy. Everything that’s Von’s [belongs] to Von Mom. You so rich why [are you] stealing from your brother?? That’s sick as hell.”