Knife Wielding Woman Nearly Storms Drake’s Mansion

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Drake’s Toronto Mansion Nearly Stormed Into By Knife-Wielding Woman: Report

Drake has fully embraced his city of Toronto on songs and has rapped about his lavish home in Bridle Path in his town. It is publicly known the home is worth $100M and was featured in the music video for “Toosie Slide” and was the setting for his interview with RapRadar.

Due to people in his city knowing where the home is located, it has given open season to a woman who reached his doorsteps allegedly wielding a knife. According to The Sun, police arrested a woman outside of Drake’s Toronto home who was allegedly carrying a large blade. Police said, “A female adult that was carrying a knife has been arrested.”

“She did not gain any kind of entry into the property and there were no injuries,” police said, confirming that she does not know the Toronto rapper personally. “It is not clear what she was doing at the residence but she had no communication whatsoever with the homeowner.”

There was heavy police presence surrounding Drake’s home prior to the arrest. It’s unclear if Drake was at his home at the time that the intruder attempted to get onto his property.

Police said there were not any injuries.