Kodak Black Deactivates IG & Lashes Out Against Michael Rapaport

Kodak Black’s Instagram has been deactivated after a few weeks of posts that divided the hip hop community.  He even try to take his shot at female rapper Young MA, although the artist is known to be a lesbian.

Kodak’s page now says, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.” His Twitter is still there for people to keep up with his latest antics.

Over the past few weeks, Kodak’s Instagram Live has created entertainment and controversy with some statements that have made people emotional one way or the other.  He’s taken shots at Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae Carter, claimed he punched Onyx member Sticky Fingaz and declared he’s better than 2Pac.

This has not been the first time Kodak Black has made this announcement. He stated this before on twitter in 2016.

Michael Rapaport had a few choice words for Kodak Black and his opinion of being a superior hip hop artist than the legends that are revered. 

Comparing yourself to [Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G. and Nas is like a guy playing basketball in his backyard shooting air balls and comparing himself to an NBA player,

Michael Rapaport

Kodak Black responded to Michael Rapaport during a show in San Francisco last night and told off Rapoport. 

I love my crackas, now,” he started. “But y’all tell this dumb ass cracka stop playing with me, man. For real, stay out of Black folk business for one. Then tell him go listen to my album. Then after he go listen to my album tell him suck a baby dick

Kodak Black

Sticky Fingaz has refuted this claim by Kodak Black and even dropped a diss song towards Black about it.

His comments about Lil Wayne has gone unnoticed by Wayne it seems as there has been no diss song from the Young Money artist.