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Kodak Black’s Lawyer Defends His Lack Of Million Dollar Promise


Kodak Black previously promised that he would make a $1 million donation to charity if he gets pardoned by former President Donald Trump. On his final day in the White House, Trump shocked many people when he granted clemency to the hip hop star, commuting his sentence and allowing Black freedom much earlier than his original sentence required. The President actually referenced Kodak’s tweet in his reason why the rapper would be going free.

“Before his conviction, and after reaching a success as a recording artist, Kodak Black became deeply involved in numerous philanthropic efforts,” wrote the White House’s official statement on Kodak’s clemency. “In fact, he had committed to supporting a variety of charitable efforts, such as providing educational resources to students and families of fallen law enforcement officers and the underprivileged.”

Kodak Black took to social media and  said, “If The President Them Free Me, I’m Gonna Spend 1 million on Charity within The First Year I’m Out. That’s on Everything”.

Kodak Black had deleted the tweet although he did thank President Trump for freeing him. Bradford Cohen, Kodak’s attorney, has officially issued a statement on the matter after media outlets started to call out the lack of backing up his tweet after it was deleted.

“A statement promising something for something in exchange is not appropriate and although Kodak has always given to charity his whole career and will continue to do charity, not in exchange for anything. Some think this is a story. It isn’t,” said Cohen via TMZ. “Instead of harping on a young black man and how much charity he does, why don’t we take a look at the amount of charity the writers of these articles do? Last week, Kodak pledged $100k to setting up a scholarship fund in the name of Meadow Pollack. The week before he donated $50k to barstool fund to help small businesses. That’s $150k and he’s been out 5 days.”

The situation regardless of opinions remain that Black did say one thing and did another upon his release. It has only increased some of the criticism of having some rappers released before actual political prisoners such as Mutula Shakur as stated by critical youtubers.