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Krayzie Bone Speaks On Lack Of Hip Hop Groups In 2023

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During an appearance on Power 106 Los Angeles, Krayzie Bone, a veteran rapper of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, stated that “egos” and “selfishness” are the primary causes of hip-hop groups breaking up.

Krayzie spoke on the difficulties of long-term collaborations in response to the lack of rap groups in 2023, stating that people don’t want to be the lesser-known member of a group and that egos come into play after the first project, resulting in a split.

“Man, I’m gonna keep it 100. To me, it’s selfishness,” Krayzie said when asked for his thoughts on the lack of rap groups in 2023. “You can’t have a group like you had back in the day because nobody wants to be that dude in the group.”

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Bone Thugs N Harmony

Krayzie’s own experiences with maintaining a rap group are evident, having left Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in 2011 with Wish Bone due to animosity within the group. They went on to release their own material before reuniting with the group and touring together several times.

“Everybody wants to be that dude in the group, everybody wanna be that front dude,” he continued. “And if you do get a group, they only gonna last for the first project. The egos is gonna kick in…they gonna split. It always happens, bro. Always.”


The group recently reunited for an appearance on Verzuz against Three 6 Mafia, resulting in drama after Bizzy Bone accused their opponent of making fun of him on stage, nearly causing a fight. Krayzie stated afterward that he did not hear any conversation and was unaware of the situation until security rushed to the stage, leaving him standing there, irritated.

“I didn’t hear none of the conversation they were even saying … I thought Bizzy was just about to grab the mic and talk some shit like everybody else was doing,” Krayzie told HipHopDX afterward. “So I’m back there and I see all the security guards rushing the stage, while I’m walking toward the back of the stage. Our security is running from backstage to the stage. I turn around, and everybody is on the stage. I’m like, ‘What the fuck is going on?’ And I’m standing there, pissed.”