Kyle Rittenhouse Says “F*ck You” To LeBron James On Air

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Kyle Rittenhouse no long supports the iconic NBA star LeBron James.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial ended up with a not guilty on all counts verdict. The verdict had some in support of the decision, while others were not so much. Kyle Rittenhouse is now giving his thoughts about the trial and reactions of the people during the process by going on a little press tour.

One such moment involved LeBron James, who took to Twitter with some harsh words for Rittenhouse immediately after the young man’s crying fit on National television. As you can see down below, LeBron questioned the authenticity of Rittenhouse’s tears, which led to a lot of media scrutiny for the Lakers superstar.

While on The Blaze’s “You Are Here” podcast, Rittenhouse addressed LeBron James and claimed that he actually used to be a fan of the basketball star. Now, however, that is very much not the case.

“I liked LeBron, And, then I’m like, ‘You know what, f*** you, LeBron.'” Rittenhouse’s comments were met with praise from the Conservative hosts, who then went on what was supposed to be a sarcastic tangent about how LeBron’s tweet was somehow tied to China. Check out the clip below via TMZ.