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Kylie Jenner Debunks Use of “Brown Skinned Girl” As IG Caption

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Being one of the most successful young women on the planet has its positives and negatives. Kylie Jenner appeared in the “WAP” music video that featured Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. As some people saw her involvement as great eye candy in the very sensuous visuals, but there were some who wanted her out of the music video.

A petition had occurred to remove Kylie Jenner from the visuals, but Cardi B defended her friend being in the music video.

Kylie Jenner has landed in heat, once again, following a recent post on Instagram that she was accused of caption, “Brown Skinned Girl.” She was accused of editing the caption so it read, “Brown Eyed Girl” after people took notice. On top of that, the caption had the edited tag which made everyone believe it that much more.

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Kylie Jenner jumped in TheShadeRoom comments where she declared that the photo circulating online was actually photoshopped and that she never said it. “Here’s the fake version everyone believed,” she wrote on her Story. “Saw someone online photoshopped this photo I posted to change my caption from ‘brown eyed girl’ to ‘brown skinned girl.’ I never said this.”