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LAPD Officer Speaks On Lebron James Tweets

LEGENDS & ICONS IN SPORTS - Kevin Douglas Article


NBA star, Lebron James, has been vocal in the last year about the police shootings of African Americans. He has taken the time on his huge platform to speak on the injustices done to the citizens in the high risk areas of the United States.

His comments on social media has received praise from many, but has also drawn the ire of some folks such as Candace Owens and even former President Donald Trump.

The most recent incident that got the attention of James included the police shooting of Ma’kiah Bryant as he voiced his opinion about the officer being “next” which was seen by some people as a veiled threat. It created a ruckus online and the tweet was then removed.

Deon Joseph requested a sit down with James in an attempt to ‘stop the tribalism and the dehumanization’ on both sides of the policing issue. He explains why he wrote an open letter to Lebron James on social media.

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