Kanye West having roots in the city of Chicago was able to have the son of the Gangstar Disciples co-founder  Larry Hoover Jr. to the surprise of many in the arena during the listening party.

The single, “Jesus Lord”, is well praised for its heartfelt message from the rappers and from Larry Hoover Jr.  When Hoover explained that his father was doing a bid of six life sentences for a “1973 murder along with charges of exortion, conspiracy, and money laundering,”  it echoed throughout the venue.  He revealed that his father has not called any shots for the famous Chicago gang since being imprisoned, and will not call any shots for the Gangster Disciples should he be released from prison.

Hoover Jr. thanks Ye for “taking the fight for (his) father to the Oval Office,” and in a recent appearance on the Drea O Show, he explained how he ended up on Donda in the first place.

“I have a friend of mine who is a close friend of Kanye’s,” Hoover Jr. said, noting that he is friends with rapper GLC, who appeared on The College Dropout‘s “Spaceship.”

“GLC came to speak with Kanye, and Kanye is from the city and Kanye also believes my father could make a change in the city. He started making efforts towards helping my father out. I went to see him when he was doing this show, and he called me like, ‘Why don’t you put something on the album?’,” Hoover Jr. explained. “I was in Atlanta to go to the show … I had to go to the lab and get my thoughts together … I definitely had to pen it, but I put something together … I wrote it and sent it to him, and I didn’t know if it was going to be used or not.”

Hoover Jr. added that it was strange that Mike Dean is the one who recorded him, as Dean had recorded “A Visit With Larry Hoover” for the Geto Boys two-and-a-half decades prior to Donda. The following is the dialogue used on the Jesus Lord single.

What up, Ye? This Larry Hoover Jr.
First and foremost, I wanna thank you
For taking the fight for my father to the Oval Office
You might not have been the only one that could’ve did that
But you were the one that did do that
And with your assistance
We can continue to let the world take part in this fight
You know to me it kinda feels like, me, my mother, my brothers
And my kids have all been incarcerated through this journey
And we haven’t even been to jail
We’ve been looked at and treated as criminals, for being a part of this family
My father’s truth and the reality that he raised me in
Is that he wanted to make a change in this community
‘Cause the conditions in this capitalist society
Is what made him, and it’s what made the children of today
After 25 years of bein’ locked down, 23 and 1
My father has not called any shots
From one of the most secure and segregated prisons in the world
And will not, once released
Call any of the shots for the Gangster Disciples
If my father’s intentions were to lead us to death, destruction
Into the hell that he has had to live in for the past 26 years
Man, he would be dead to me
I didn’t sign up for that
I didn’t stay on this journey this long for that
All my life, man, I’ve been waitin’ for my father to come home
They told me when I graduate eighth grade, he would be home
Then they told me when I graduate from high school, he would be home
I went away to Morris Brown, I graduated and he still ain’t home
Now I’m a adult, and my daughter went away to college and graduated
He still not home
Now even more than that, my son
He graduated eighth grade and we still waitin’
Matter of fact, he hasn’t hugged
Kissed, or touched any of his grandchildren
And they haven’t been able to touch they grandfather
Even though it is not seen that way for some of us
But for many of us, Larry Hoover is a beacon of hope for his community
Who deserves to breathe free air
Free my father (Jesus), Mr. Larry Hoover Sr. (Lord)

Hoover Jr, revealed that he was not sure if his monologue would appear on the final cut and rightfully so with Kanye West being known to make constant changes to albums including Donda that has two versions of ‘Jesus Lord”. He did believe regardless of inclusion or not he had to make the statement because he wanted everyone to know the human behind the founder of the Gangster Disciples instead of his street legend lingering as his final say.

“I still didn’t know if it was on the album, cause the album hadn’t been released it was a listening party and he was trying to decide what to use … It was an exciting situation. Plus a nervous situation, I don’t like hearing myself or watching myself. But it was a good thing, and to hear the people felt what I was saying … It made my father seem like a human being, they only knew him as Larry Hoover, leader of the Gangster Disciples.”

Hoover Jr.’s gratitude for Ye’s including him on the album is obvious, and with J. Prince’s recent revelation that Ye and Drake, despite their ongoing “beef,” are cooking up a plan to help Hoover Sr., it’s looking like his piece at the end of “Jesus Lord” might have more of an impact than even he could have imagined.