Latoya Forever Ex Husband Calls Her Out Over RHOA

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Latoya Forever started as a youtube sensation making a lot of money off the platform, but grew to become a reality tv star for “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” for less money according to her ex husband.

Latoya Forever has been making waves with her television debut with the popular reality tv series RHOA. Her wittiness and charisma garnered her millions upon millions of views on youtube and a huge following. Of course, this type of energy and fandom will have Hollywood executives paying attention.

As in soap opera fashion, Latoya Forever was trending for her divorce from Adam. The hilarious comment about her being for “the streets” was simply a joke she made to her ex husband, but it had her following making judgment calls on how and why she broke it off with her significant other that she bore children with.

She would later go on to create drama on the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” series with other cast members which has been entertaining television. One person in particular, Drew Sidora, has been at odds with the Toronto born Latoya Forever.

The latest drama may be the greatest chapter yet, as out of the blue Adam took to social media to lambast his former wife for working the series for only a “rack” an episode. He believes the money is peanuts compared to her worth and is being done out of pure vanity on her part and other tidbits.

Latoya has uploaded two videos to the YouTube channel she shares with her new boyfriend and in them, she’s explaining why she divorced her ex after six years of marriage, three children, and alleged physical, mental and emotional abuse.

According to LaToya, she and Adam moved quickly at the start of their relationship and got married in a condo without a formal ceremony after she got pregnant with their daughter. Later in 2015 when LaToya was pregnant with their second child, Zayn, that’s when LaToya alleges that things took a downward turn.

“I was a party girl, I was always going out with friends, drinking every single weekend and I ended up pregnant with my son Zayn,” said LaToya on YouTube.”His reaction was something that I never expected in my entire life. He said ‘You need to get rid of that baby! I hate you I don’t want to be with you, you know you’re not the woman that I know! I don’t even know why you’re keeping this baby, how dare you ruin my life like this!’”

“I feel like that was the start of the downward spiral. He was upset that I was pregnant because he felt like it was too soon and the child may have issues because I was drinking. It just got toxic from there.”

She also detailed a scary incident when Adam found out that she cheated on him by “getting physical with a man” on a cruise and choked her in front of their kids.

“He grabbed my legs and pulled me, like drug me off the bed, he picked me up, shoved me against the wall and he started to choke me,” said LaToya on YouTube. “And the kids ran into the room they started crying. They were saying ‘daddy take your hands off mommy! What are you doing?! You’re hurting mommy!’” I literally thought I was going to die that day.”

After getting away and running to get help, LaToya said she called her Aunt instead of the police because “she would never call the cops on a Black man.” They eventually reconciled after she came clean about the cheating, something she admits happened more than once.

“I didn’t feel connected to him at all, said LaToya. “I felt like we were great business partners.”

LaToya alleges that Adam demanded full custody of their older children as well as alimony and him filing a restraining order against her because she bought a gun, put a GPS tracker on his car, and thought she “hired a hitman” to kill him.

She also revealed that she believes her husband tricked her into her last pregnancy with their daughter Ayah after getting her blackout drunk.

“I was trying to leave, he knows my weakness is alcohol,” said LaToya. “We got extremely drunk with our friends, I completely blacked out. I didn’t even know if we had intercourse or not.”

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