Latto Accused Of Photoshopping Her Crowd during Coachella

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Latto is being called out for photoshopping her crowd during her Coachella performance.


The Atlanta hip hop artist caught attention for a new single that she performed at the video. In one clip, she walks the stage and yells “What’s the substance, b*tch?” while putting her finger to her nose, a possible reference to Nicki Minaj’s accused drug use.

Latto also offered an apparent parting shot while leaving the stage.

“Let a b*tch know, we tired of the subtweets this year. Let me know,” the “Big Energy” rapper told the crowd. Fans have been weighing in on both sides.

One of the weirdest reactions online is a photoshop rumor pertaining to Latto’s performance. She is being accused of having to photoshop the audience during her set.

There were people also posting about Latto’s team giving some fans incentive to be rowdy during her performance, but a Twitter user stated this sort of marketing is done at events like the Super Bowl as well.

Latto responded to the accusation by jumping on her social media stating, “Never photoshopped a crowd lmao, I expanded it so it would fit in my instagram swipe without it getting cut off. But it was clearly F*** up, so I didn’t end up using it & just posting the wrong version by accident on Twitter babes.”

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