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Latto “CAUGHT” stealing Nicki Minaj LYRICS? Avoids Ice Spice

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The Latto and Ice Spice continues to be heated as according to Black Tea Blog, Latto had a nervous break down on Instagram.

This occurred after Latto was accused of stealing lyrics from her idol turned rival, Nicki Minaj, on a song. Latto appeared on a song and music video claiming to be a gangster.

Latto has pushed back on a published story that claims she’s nearly completed a program required for her to get her gun charge thrown out, saying she was never enrolled in any such program.

The story, published by TMZ, alleged that the Georgia rapper was required to complete 120 hours of community service as well as a gun safety course in order for a gun charge against her to be dismissed. The charge resulted from an incident at Los Angeles International Airport in May 2021, in which Latto was charged with carrying a loaded firearm and carrying a concealed weapon.

TMZ alleged she entered a program in April 2022, but Latto took to Twitter to push back on this information.

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“Idk who put out that false ass information cause I’m not in no damn program,” she wrote. “Also the situation happened over a year ago & y’all never even knew until I mentioned it in the Boom pt 2 verse. Nun to ‘brag’ about. Leave me alone.”


She also took to Instagram Live to claim she’s a “housewife” not a “gangsta” and that she has no reason to push any sort of tough image.

“That shit blowing me,” she said in part. “Bitch I’m just letting you know you got the story wrong. I’m not gangsta, bitches never claimed to be gangsta. I’m not gangsta. Baby I get money, the fuck? I got a n***a who suck these toes every night, eat this ass from the back. I cook, I’m a whole housewife I’m not no gangsta. The fuck? Who wanna brag…I got million dollar deals. Like plural. Multiple million dollar deals on the table. The fuck? I’m not trying to push no fucking gangster image, the fuck?”


Latto was also accused of biting off a Nicki Minaj lyric. In the “Don’t Play With It Remix,” she claims to not to cocaine. The line appears to be similar to Nicki Minaj’s from the single with Fivio Foreign. In “We Go Up,” Nicki Minaj rhymes “I don’t do coke little bitch, I don’t even do Pepsi let’s see.”

Latto spits on the remix of “Don’t Play With It”, I aint ever do coke, I barely do the cola.” Of course Nicki’s fans jumped online to call out the former Barb for alluding to the line.

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Black Tea Blog

Black Tea Blog does commentary on how Latto has been stealing lyrics from the iconic rapper in the video below. Do you agree with her? She also delves into the online drama that is possibly leading to more beef with Ice Spice and Latto.