Latto Reveals Wanting An Empire Like Rihanna & More

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After teasing fans by asking them who they believed the secret collaborator, Latto drops “Wheelie” music video with 21 Savage.

Latto went into album mode promo as fans were name dropping everyone from Nicki Minaj to Cardi B as the special surprise. After much speculation, she finally confirmed that 21 Savage gifted his talents to her new single.

Before the music video was released, “#WheelieChallenge” made its way on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.


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Latto and 21 Savage are an item and during the lyrics of the single, she details what it is like having a sexual escapade with her. “Slap on my cat, bet this n***a met his match/ Take his phone ‘fore I throw it back/ n***a, this ain’t that,” she spits on the single.

The rapper also is shown doing twerking along with some dances moves as she raps, “Check in with me/ I love a sneaky link, he ain’t eat the p***y right if he ain’t had to change the sheets,” she continues. “I love when he wear the grey sweats and that print show/ now I ain’t tryna have his seed but this p***y water make the bed grow/ cook for him like a housewife then f**k him good like a nympho/ pay the rent and the car note, he invest in me like crypto.”

21 Savage also backs up her sexual prowess by rhyming, “Bad b***hes, I got several,” 21 Savage joins in. “She eat the d**k like it’s edible/ Slob on my knob, f**k that, lick on me, b***h, like an animal (Straight up)/ I want some top when I get done slidin’/ Opps wanna rap but they a** keep dyin’/ She don’t wanna f**k, I ain’t finna keep tryin’/ Sayin’ it’s the time of the month, but she lyin’.”

Latto has also been doing a media run to promote her new album “777” which is planned to drop this month. She describes her plans to create an empire similar to Rihanna and retiring from rapping at some point in her life. The artist also talks about her love for Beyonce and going to her mother and sister for womanly advice.