Latto’s 777 Radio Debuts With Chloe Bailey On Their Sisterhood

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The first episode of Latto’s 777 Radio aired and as advertised, the first guest ended up being Chloe Bailey.


Before the debut of the new show, Latto had promised her fans something special. “I’m going to keep it very personal and play what I actually listen to,” Latto stated in a press release. “I’m going to highlight new artists that I feel like the world needs to hear, artists that I think deserve more spotlight. I listen to a lot of female rap, so definitely supporting the girls, and definitely a lot of Southern music.”

In this first episode of 777 Radio, Chlöe and Latto share how they instantly connected. The two discuss the pain points of being a woman in the industry, and share their experiences being compared to their sisters. They also break down their struggles with dating, body image, and more.

“The tea was that you was talking to Quavo,” Latto said in a clip circulated by The Neighborhood Talk.

“Uh oh, well, we doin’ a movie together,” Chlöe playfully responded.

When Latto suggested that the rumors are that Chlöe and Quavo’s relationship might not just be professional, Chlöe said, “I don’t know where that came from.”

“Y’all working,” Latto said.

“Yes. Working. He’s a really nice guy,” Chlöe said.

“I mean, he got dreads,” Latto noted, and Chlöe agreed, “Yeah, I like his locs. I like his locs.”


Chlöe and Quavo are both in the musical comedy Praise This due to hit Peacock on April 7.