LeBron James Finally Crosses Billionaire Status Level



LeBron James reaches an elusive group of athletes that are in a financial bracket like no other with Forbes list.

LeBron James is the face of the modern day NBA following the likes of Juluis Irving aka Dr. J, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan before him. Similar to those legends, James has been able to capitalize on his talents through various outlets outside of the ball court with sneakers, media companies, and endorsements. He has earned millions upon millions of dollars throughout his career and recently, it was revealed that he had earned $1 billion over his career.

Of course, earning a billion does not make you a billionaire. Most people will earn $1 million over the course of their life, but that does not make them a millionaire. Having said that, it would appear as though LeBron has, indeed, crossed the billionaire threshold, according to Forbes.

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The business outlet says LeBron made upwards of $121.2 million last year and that this is enough money to now make him a billionaire. Of course, this kind of figure was always going to be inevitable for LeBron, however, it is impressive that he has managed to amass this kind of wealth while still playing the game of basketball. Very few athletes can say that, but now, LeBron is one of them.

Once he is done playing, he will likely go on to continue his various ventures, which will make him even more money. After all, if Michael Jordan’s net worth is over $2 billion, there is no doubt that LeBron can get there, as well.