LeBron James States NBA’s Bubble City Is Like Going To Prison

SPORTS - Karen Smith Article

lebron james

The coronavirus has affects the world of sports, but the NBA plans to work around the pandemic. Today kicks off training at Bubble City in Orlando. For the next four months NBA players will be performing in a never before seen scenario in the history of sports.

Many players including the Los Angeles Lakers top star, Lebron James, had to say goodbye to his wife and kids. The situation to move the season forward has its negatives and this scenario is one of them. It made Lebron James compare the move to Orlando as someone leaving his family to go do a bid in prison.

Some people did not like that James made that comparison and let the iconic star know their feelings.

“Just left the crib to head to the bubble. Shit felt like I’m headed to do a bid man! Fr. Hated to leave the #JamesGang,” LeBron wrote. Some fans let the NBA great know that another chance at a championship would let the separation be worth it.