Lebron James Talks About Jordan & Last Dance



Lebron James is widely known as being the best player on the planet in 2020. He is a multiple time NBA Champion and constantly gets compared to Michael Jordan. Sports fans and critics continue to talk about the accolades of the two iconic ball stars.

The NBA season has been postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, but ESPN has provided viewers a treat with “The Last Dance” that covers the last year the legendary Chicago Bulls lead by Michael Jordan in 1997-1998 season.

Lebron James has broken his silence to speak about the documentary. James being the champion and competitor he is saw episode 4 showing the first time Jordan won the NBA Title and stated, “Watching Episode 4. Watching/Seeing MJ hold that first damn near had me tearing up! That feeling and level of emotions is unexplainable when you been through the (fire emoji).