Lebron James Talks Becoming A Laker

Speaks About His I Promise School

Lebron James states its  a “dream come true” to become a Laker and talks about his I Promise school for kids.

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King James big move to Miami caused huge noise in his home city a few years ago. All was forgiven when he returned and gave his city a championship. Once again, Lebron James was on the move after contractual obligations were met. He surprised many when he was announced as being the latest member of the stories Los Angeles Lakers.

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The announcement came with a varied response from praise to disgust that the NBA’s top player was now heading to the west coast to ply his trade. However, more importantly than that Lebron James made sure to give back to the place where he grew up. He helped to build I Promise school for the kids of the community of Akron.


240 third- and fourth-grade students are attending the full-immersion program that is for  at-risk youth. This new learning center was created in a joint venture by Lebron James Family Foundation with the Akron public schooling system.



It’s kind of a bittersweet moment right now, sitting here in my school that I’m opening around these kids, around this community and then at the same time, making a switch to the other coast, being a part of the Lakers now,” James told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols as part of a wide-ranging sit-down interview.

“It’s always a tough decision when you leave home or you leave an organization that you’ve been with for multiple years. It was tough to leave the first time I left, [it was tough] when I left Miami and I’m leaving Cleveland once again, it’s definitely tough but it’s a decision that’s best for me and my family, and I think both sides feel great and appreciative of the moments and the time we have spent together.”


Lebron also obviously spoke on the topics that are hot in the NBA right now.  He tells us how it was to join Magic Johnson, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and the rest of the Lakers and what he views as their chances  of winning an NBA championship. What it will be like to face  the likes of the Golden State Warriors in its conference, how much he thought about signing with Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers, and more.