There was tension between the actor and director because the comedian believed their relationship went south . Mo’Nique always voiced her opinion that there were people behind the scenes that had blackballed the Oscar winner. What made things personal was  she once considered some of the people as friends, but they refused to campaign for free Mo’Nique.

The list of names claimed included Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, and Lee Daniels made sure that her career came to a halt and demanded an apology for their behavior. 50 Cent has been vocal about the way Monique’s career has taken a wrong turn. As an executive producer in Hollywood himself, 50 Cent has worked with many actors on shows like Power and BMF.

Recently, 50 Cent made a statement asking what will it take to get Mo’Nique back getting gigs again and called out Tyler Perry. The director and actor told Fif that he has wished Mo’Nique nothing but the best, and now it has been announced that Daniels, who worked with the actress on his acclaimed film Precious, had cast her in another role.

According to Deadline, Mo’Nique will now star in Demon House, an exorcism film that Daniels is working on, and she will replace Octavia Spencer. The latter left the production over a scheduling conflict.

It was nice to see her back with a live performance as Daniels joined the actress on stage to give her a public apology. As the crowd cheered, Daniels embraced Mo’Nique while she shed tears. “I am so sorry for hurting you in any way,” he said. Check out Fif’s reaction as well as a portion of Lee Daniels’s apology below.