Lenny Kravitz Reveals Lisa Bonet Was Fired For Pregnancy By Cosby

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Bill Cosby had a couple of the hottest shows on NBC during the 80’s and early 90’s. The Cosby Show helped to bring a new image to tv screens about how a black family could be affluent in the United States. The show’s children were iconic and dealt with topics of the day that are still relevant today.

The kids were so popular that Cosby decided to have a spinoff where daughter Denise Huxtable would end up heading to college in “A Different World”.

According to Lenny Kravitz who was Bonet’s husband in the 1980’s, Cosby immediately knew what was going on when Bonet and the show’s producer Debbie Allen called a meeting with him at the time in a report by Six Page.

“You’re here to tell me you’re pregnant, aren’t you?” Cosby allegedly asked Bonet.

Allen explained that she liked the idea of Bonet’s character, Denise Huxtable, daughter of Dr. Cliff Huxtable, played by Cosby, deciding to raise a child on her own with the support of her friends.

In his memoir, Let Love Rule, Kravitz wrote that when Cosby took time to reflect on the situation, he decided to have Bonet removed from the show. “Lisa Bonet is pregnant,” he announced, “but Denise Huxtable is not.”

As viewers of the show at the time were surprised, Cosby did allow Bonet back on his main show of Cosby Show in 1991. She came back with a family of her own that saw the debut of Raven Symone as her step daughter.