The film is set to document the life of the notorious Jim Jones who was behind the Indianapolis’ Peoples Temple in 1955 until denouncing Christianity as a whole and declaring himself as a God. After the murder of U.S. representative Leo Ryan who initiated an investigation into Jonestown, Jim Jones then orchestrated the mass suicide involving cyanide-tainted Kool-Aid.One of the greatest actors according to fans and critics alive today, the 46-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio could be headed for another iconic role that may rival his characters on blockbusters such as as Jack Dawson in Titanic, Jordan Belford in The Wolf of Wall Street, and Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, by appearing as the infamous  cult leader, Jim Jones. The radical leader was responsible for the mass suicide that took place at a jungle commune in Guyana.As Variety reports, the actor is in “final talks” to not only star in, but also produce the new film, which was written by Scott Rosenberg, who’s known for his work on projects like VenomJumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and Jumanji: Next Level.

Complex reports that the cult leader’s body was found dead in the same year with a gunshot wound in the head. An autopsy would later reveal that Jones’ cause of death was suicide.

Of course,  social media took no time in making comparisons to Jim Jones the rapper. Known for his songs such as  “We Fly High” and “Pop Champagne,” Jones recently was apart of Verzuz a few months back with his fellow Dipset camp against The Lox. Twitter users got creative with memes with pictures of  Leo DiCaprio’s face on Jim Jones‘ body while joking about a potential Dipset biopic. Then, fans started tweeting some of their favorite moments of the rapper Jim Jones that they would only hope Leonardo DiCaprio would recreate.

Jim Jones reposted one of them on his Instagram Story. Perhaps, he’s not entirely against the idea of an Oscar-award-winning actor bringing Dipset’s story to life in the future.