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Life Of The Dot – Reality Series – WWETV Network Media Sponsor

Life Of The Dot poster
Life Of The Dot

(WWETV Network) With the Toronto Raptors making it to their first ever NBA Finals in 2019, the world’s eyes are on a growing city in terms of mainstream appeal worldwide. The city is also the home of the world’s biggest hip hop star in Drake. However, what does the world really know about the city of Toronto?

Well there is a new web series, that plans to show viewers, a whole new perspective and it’s entitled “Life Of The Dot”. It will focus on a young man living in the streets of Toronto and what he has to encounter on a daily basis. You will see this young man who will encounter obstacles thrown at him such as gun violence, baby mother drama, prostitution, and more. The moral of the story will be about this young man doing his best not to become a product of his environment.

The character will show the experience of being given no choice, but to live in Toronto’s community housing projects and doing the best he can to survive. You will see the costs it takes to become his own boss.

The auditions take place today (May 29th), at an undisclosed location and only those contacted by e-mail will be attending this special event. The casting call occurred for a few weeks and became closed to the public on May 28th.

WorldWide Entertainment TV Toronto will be a media sponsor that will cover the behind the scenes of the auditions. Stay Tuned to WWETV for updates and news about this new series about Toronto life.