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Lifetime “Surviving Jeffrey Epstein” Trailer Follow Up To “Surviving R. Kelly” Success

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surviving jeffrey epstein


“Surviving R. Kelly” was a huge television ratings for the “Lifetime” Network. The television channel now will be releasing the follow up to the series with “Surviving Jeffrey Epstein”.

The network plans to air multiple episodes of the new series similar to the Emmy nominated “Surviving R. Kelly”. Surviving Jeffrey Epstein is a two-night, four-hour-long docuseries that will investigate the sexual abuse charges against the disgraced New York financier with actual survivors and insight from people close to Epstein.

The series has been in development since July 2019 and will align with the network’s Stop Violence Against Women advocacy campaign. The episodes are set to air on the network August 9th and 10th, exactly one year after Epstein was found dead in his cell while awaiting trial on major sex trafficking charges.