Lil Baby Reportedly Arrested & James Harden Detained In Paris

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lil baby

Lil Baby and James Harden were reportedly stopped by French police for having marijuana in their car.

Lil Baby and James Harden are presently in France for Paris Fashion Week, attending the Balenciaga show on Wednesday. The two popular Americans were touring the town until they got interrupted by police officers.

According to multiple reports, Lil Baby was arrested and James Harden was detained by police on Thursday. Videos are starting to circulate across social media, showing police officers swarming Harden, who said that he didn’t understand what was happening. A second video shows Lil Baby in the back of a police car, which was used to transport him to the local station. Apparently, Baby and two others were arrested for weed-related charges after being caught with 20 grams of marijuana in their car.

TMZ requested a statement from the Paris Police Department, which said that this is currently an active investigation.

The rapper was reportedly already released from police custody, and James Harden was never arrested. As more information comes in, we will continue to keep you posted.

Yesterday, James and Baby posted a few pictures which saw them with a masked up Kanye West. The close friends are seen having a good time on their trip to Paris. Hopefully, the legal situation is cleared up soon for both men without any ramifications.