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Lil’ Cease Says Biggie Thought Jay Z Was Better Rapper Than Him


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Fellow New York rappers speak on Instagram Live concerning the “King Of New York” in Biggie Smalls. Lil’ Cease reveals to Smoke DZA that Biggie had apparently admitted that Hov was a “nicer” MC than he was. Lil Cease was apart of Notorious Big’s group “Junior Mafia” and was with the late rapper a lot of his life due to being his close friend and cousin.

“Once Big met him at the Palladium, and they bonded on some g-shit. Cause they respected each other as men and they respected each other as artists,” Cease says in the IG Live chat, “Big wasn’t afraid to tell him…Big thought he was doper than him, that’s what he used to say, like, ‘yo that n*gga nicer than me.'”

“These are straight facts,” Cease continued, adamant that he was not lying. He even went on to point out a singular moment that Big felt Hov one-upped him, referencing his line on “Dead President.”

“When Jay-Z said that line on ‘Dead Presidents’ — N*gga take a freeze off my kneecap/N*gga believe that– Big was like ‘Yo he got me.'”