Monday night, DJ Akademiks held a session on his Twitch live, to reveal that Lil Durk’s home in Atlanta was raided by the FEDS. Due to an investigation from unknown activities, Ak confirmed that he received a phone call from people within the gated community. FBI arrived at the house on Sunday, as the story hasn’t even hit local news outlets.

This news has not been confirmed and right now, DJ Akademiks is the only source coming through with it. He says that police were responding to a possible shooting at Durk’s home, which is located inside a gated community. Because of how protected the area is, Akademiks suggested that Durk could have been the victim.

Considering Durk has been going through personal issues with immediate family situations, we’re hopeful this situation doesn’t have any merit to it. Since that time, Durk has been seen on social media and spending time with his family.

Take a look at Ak’s story below.