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Lil Jay & King Yella Drama & Rumor: 6ix Bangers Only Reaction

Guest Blog Post: 6ix Bangers Only Vlogger

King Yella accuses Lil Jay of being gay in prison and vlogger 6ix Bangers Only gives his reaction to the allegations.

Chicago rapper Jeff McGraw known by stage name Lil Jay, got his release from prison after being convicted for a murder that happened seven years ago as reported by Vladtv. It was in 2015 a drug deal went awry as Filmon Rezene, Lil Jay, and several associates were involved in a shootout over a botched marijuana deal.


Rezene was killed in the ensuing gun battle with the drug dealer, who claimed self-defense.

The rapper was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and intent to kill and injure. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison in July of 2019.

Upon his release, King Yella took to social media to explain what allegedly occurred in the state prison with Lil’ Jay that includes having relations with a trans during his sentence. 6ix Bangers Only gives his reaction to the allegation below.

Lil’ Jay sat down with SayCheese outlet to speak on the alleged rumor. He denies the comments and belief by others of him being a gay rapper below.