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Lil Kim Allegedly “Shades” Nicki Minaj Speaking On Will Smith


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Lil Kim “shades” Nicki Minaj again according to some fans on Instagram after speaking about getting hate when being at the top of the industry.

This stems from the backlash Will Smith has received since Oscar night after slapping comedian Chris Rock. Lil Kim makes note that her friendship with the star of “Fresh Prince Of Bel-air” goes way back with collaborations. She feels a close connection to Will due to their past, but also stated she did not condone the slapping of Chris Rock whom she is also friends with. She showed support by posting acceptance speech after winning an Oscar for “King Richard.”

The rap legend stated, “BIG FACTS!!! STAY FOCUSED!!! The devil is real busy rn! They can’t stand the taste of their own medicine. Karma is a bitch fr and she ain’t playing wit y’all.”

In another post, she quipped, “it’s  so funny how art imitates Life sometimes @willsmith and I did this song in the early 2000s 😹😹😹 and we’ve been friends ever since. When we recorded this song we were both experiencing the same level of hate and till this day it’s still the same the haters are always going to be butt hurt and angry when u stay on top forever they hate to see it 😻 some of them may be more popular than u, may even make more money than u but still hate u because ur character and the way ppl love u & fuck wit u holds more weight than their “title“

And in no way am I talking about @chrisrock or condoning the situation. I’m cool with both Will and Chris, but being a little closer to Will,
I’ve watched him go thru a tremendous amount of hate his whole career and he has watched me go thru it too so we both relate deeply to this feeling of snapping.

All I’m saying is plz forgive him yall he’s a really a good person but somebody had it coming 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️#stayfocused
Congrats on ur Oscar” W” Will !!.”




Check out the video below with fan reactions to the comment.