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Lil Kim Brings Out Lola Brooke At The Apollo

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

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Lola Brooke and Lil Kim appear on stage together at the iconic Apollo! In this video, we get a glimpse of Lil’ Kim performing with Lola Brooke at the Apollo in New York City.

If you’re a fan of hip hop music, then you’ll definitely want to check out this performance! Lil’ Kim and Lola Brooke put on a show at the Apollo that will leave you feeling the music vibrations all the way to your toes.

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Lola Brooke took to Twitter to talk about her big night in New York with the legendary Brooklyn hip hop artist.

“Lil Kim brought me out at the Apollo ! This my first time ever at the Apollo I never in life been here ! I can’t believe this shit mannn ! Cant wait to go home and f*)*&ing cry I need some space to myself cuz Wtf yo !”

She also spoke about how hard work getting her to reach high places in the hip hop world. Many fans poured out congratulations for Lola Brooke on being on stage with Lil Kim.

my cousin is there and facetimed me just to show me KIM MY FAV FEMALE RAPPER OF ALL TIME AND YOU MY NEW CURRENT FAVE.

Lola Brooke showed appreciation to Lil Kim by stating she has helped take some pressure off her back representing Brooklyn.

I love you & thank you so much Kim . you just took weight off my back knowing that you got mine !